How to Find the Right Shade of Blonde for You

Blonde hair is a timeless trend. It’s been around for centuries, and it looks like it will continue to be popular in the future. Blonde shades can range from pale yellow, honey, golden blonde, strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, and more. The history of this hair color is fascinating because some believe that a woman who had blond hair was seen as being sexually promiscuous if she was unmarried, while others have argued that the light shade served as protection against sunburns or skin cancer. Regardless of its origins, there are many reasons why women love rocking their natural locks with a lighter hue!

Blonde hair has been around for centuries, and it looks like it will continue to be popular in the future.

Shades of blonde hair color

Blonde hair is currently one of the most popular hair colors. But did you know that there are a variety of shades? Each shade has a different look and feel, so it’s important to find your perfect tone. Here are some of our favorites.

blonde and platinum hair

A lot of women naturally have dark brown or black hair and want to lighten up their locks. Of course, the best way is with blonde hair color. But how do you know which shade of blonde is the right one for you? There are different levels, from platinum blondes to golden beiges. You can also choose between ashy or warm tones for your hair. Here’s an overview of some popular shades:

  • Platinum Blonde: this will give you that classic Hollywood glamour look and should only be used by those who have very fair skin and blue eyes
  • Golden Beige: this shade gives off a warm glow and works well on people with medium-toned skin
  • Ashy: this cool tone suits those with darker complex skin.
  • Blonde highlights with brown lowlights: An excellent option for someone who wants to try something different but doesn’t want to commit to a whole new color. This look is perfect for brunettes or redheads looking for a change without going too far off the deep end.
  • Caramel balayage: Caramel hair has been in style since the late 2000s, and it only seems like it’s getting hotter! Who could resist those soft, beachy waves? Not me! Grab your curling iron and get started on turning heads at your next summer party in this sleek style.

Difference between blonde and platinum hair

Many people do not know the difference between blonde and platinum hair. Blonde is a medium shade of golden brown, while platinum is white with silver undertones. The two shades are different in terms of color but also in maintenance. Platinum has to be touched up every 6-8 weeks because it fades so quickly, while blondes can go longer without being touched up. If you’re considering getting one of these colors for your next salon visit, consider which tone would best complement your skin tone and eye color before deciding.

Blonde and platinum hair are two very different colors. Blondes have a lighter, warmer hue that’s more of a golden color with hints of brown, while platinum is cooler and bluer in tone. As such, the look that each color creates is also completely different from one another. Platinum will give you a white-washed appearance as it reflects all light wavelengths to your eyes, whereas blondes’ lightness comes from their yellow undertones, making them appear warm and soft on the eye. Choosing between these two colors for your next dye job depends on what kind of style you want to go for.